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If you want to save yourself a lot of money in developing your video sales ads, the game just got easier so that you can do it yourself and get some professional looking results that you would actually be proud of. 

A software was just released by Oliver Goodwin, the developer and partner of Human Synthesys Studio that just made it much easier for you to produce your own marketing videos. You would have to review the videos yourself to believe how fantastic these animated characters are.

I bought the first version last year, it was a voice synthesys model based on using real human voices, and boy, I was very impressed with that version. This year, they have included the Human Animation models, very impressive stuff. 

I usually use a software from Paul Ponna called Video Robot, and I bought this about 4 years ago. It was great software to use for animated spokespersons for ads and promotions back then, I was impressed with this back then with puppet like models with almost perfect lip synchronization. Human Synthesys Studio now blows this out of the water. 

You’ve heard the earlier versions of text-to-speech on youtube videos for the last 10 years, it sounds too robotic. The developers have worked hard to replace those models and they have done a very impressive job with the new AI Technology. 

It’s so easy to do this, just as I am typing my text for this article, I would copy and past this into the software, and the character would speak this software with amazing looking lip syncing. You could almost believe that it was a real person, but, you know if it was a real person, it would cost more money to hire actors, camera person, sound person, lighting person and so on, and to have someone do the final production. You are looking at major bucks just to do a simple production. 

You just pick your character from the 30 or so you can choose from, this is dependant on the level you paid for, type or copy and paste your text into a box, choose the voice, the position of the character and the background, test it out and if you like it, send it for rendering on the cloud based system. 

Once it’s done rendering, you just download it and sent it to your favorite social channels. You can do this, there was nothing technical about this, just some choices and reviewing and boom, you send it for final production. 

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