Know for being very good type of wear resistant engineering plastics is Dupont Natural Extruded Nylon type 6 materials. This excellent material has been available for decades.

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Dupont Cast Natural Nylon type 6 materials

Nylon material is one of the most used Performance Plastic materials. Known for abrasion resistance is frequently chosen for demanding applications like machined parts that need to be self-lubricating.  If you are looking for a wear resistant material simply click here, %LINK%
Extreme applications are typical for Cast and Extruded Nylon. Nylon has one of the widest ranges of sizes and shapes, including thin sheet to massive blocks. The Natural Natural Extruded Nylon type 6 material are produced in a massive size range.

Which Acetal to choose Homopolymer Acetal vs.
Acetal Copolymer

Performance Plastic materials

nylon 6/6 sheet

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