Where to Locate Work From Home Jobs To Get You on Your Side Hustle Journey

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Where To Find Work From Home Jobs To Get
You on Your side hustle Journey

Work-at-home tasks are no longer
limited to multi-level Improved technology and the requirement to
decrease prices and/or keep overhead low have encouraged
businesses of all sizes and in a variety of
fields to create more work-from-home chances.

Job-hunting website FlexJobs vets its own
Telecommuting/part-time/freelance listings for legitimacy and
conducts periodic surveys of in which the growth in flexible
work is. Below are some of the very best fields
and companies it is identified in the past
couple of decades.

Health and health services

In the health sector, the major
companies with Work-at-home employment include health
care giants Aetna, Magellan Health, BroadPath Healthcare Solutions, Humana,
CVS Health, and UnitedHealth Group. The job names they
have sought to fill included computer-
or phone-based jobs like account supervisor,
actuarial consultant, business-intelligence manager,
case manager, medical author, patient-education or case
advocates, revenue-integrity director, and sales
representative. Other recent distant positions
consist of clinical care supervisor and
registered nurse case manager.

Instruction and training

Some of the more surprising chances
FlexJobs found are In areas typically
thought of as necessitating face-to-face
contact–education, for instance. The rise
of online learning companies such as Pearson, K12, Grand
Canyon University, and Kaplan has led to more listings for
freelance and part-time positions like curriculum
writer, parent mentor, SAT instructor, science
instructor, student-services coordinator and
tutor. Chinese online education company VIPKID
offers an American education experience to young
Chinese students and provides a flexible, distant work
schedule for the teaching workforce.

Related to this are chances for
those fluent in Various languages. Companies such
as Appen, which evaluates and coordinates communications for
global customers –EF–Education First, an
international language instruction and educational travel
firm –need those who can function as
interpreters, translators, and curriculum developers.

Computers and Information Technology (IT)

A less surprising work-at-home-friendly
class is Some companies
–like Red Hat, Salesforce, and SAP–offer job listings in
high tech sales (sales being among the
original flex-time careers ). Other job titles
tech companies often attempt to fill with
distant employees include positions such as project
manager, web designer, software programmer,
power-systems engineer, and technical author.

Work-From-Home-Friendly Firms

Countless fictitious companies, even
some of those listed on The Fortune 500, provide
a vast array of telecommuting jobs, from places
requiring advanced degrees and expertise all of
the way down to entry-level gigs.

The following ten corporations represent
a great place to

Amazon.com Inc..

World, many reporting to operate in
their own home offices. In September 2019it had 30,000 open
positions.4 Just a small number of Amazon.com
workers work from the state of Washington, where
the company is headquartered. With employees spread out
everywhere, those not working in the home office
need not feel left out. Work-at-home job openings at Amazon.com run
the gamut from client support positions to
global account manager occupations.

Dell Inc..

Jobs as well as flexible jobs
which include both office time and working remotely. The business is known for an assortment of additional employee-friendly perks, such as compressed
workweeks. Dell has work-at-home job openings in several fields that
require various levels of instruction and
experience, from outside earnings to
tech support to marketing management.

Humana Inc..

Employs roughly 49,000 individuals both on-site
and working from home. The latter are doing everything
from earnings management, which demands
great people skills but doesn’t have hard-and-fast
instructional requirements, to physical therapy,
which requires additional years of post-college coursework.

Aetna Inc..

Aetna Inc., a Fortune 500 healthcare company, allows

Employees to work from home after they’ve been with the firm for a year. Telecommuting
places include customer service representatives,
supervisors, and even frontline nurses. Employees working from home enjoy access to extensive
technologies to help keep them plugged in to phenomena in the business and maintain communication with

American Express Co..


American Express Delivers fulltime,
part-time, temporary, and contract work-at-home jobs. The rankings
cover a broad spectrum of opportunities and include business
development direction (a work typically requiring an MBA and/or years of expertise ), as well as part-time digital customer care representative
jobs. American Express promotes a powerful
work-life balance and personal development for
its workers.


Kaplan specializes in K-12 programs, online
higher education, Professional training, and test
preparation for students taking standardized tests necessary
for admittance to college or grad school. Its hottest telecommuting position is tutor. The job
requires little to no office time, but may involve traveling to
meet pupils. Tutors in Kaplan earn $20 per
hour or more and may work from less than 10 hours
per week to 40 hours each week, depending on availability and
demand for solutions. To get hired as a Kaplan coach,
a candidate must demonstrate strong performance on a
couple of standardized tests, such as the SAT or GRE.

Salesforce.com Inc..

Many of its more than 49,000 team members work in the house.
The organization’s telecommuting job openings generally
need many years of prior experience. An
entry candidate’s best bet to operate from home
for Salesforce would be to pursue a sales job, like
a field sales account executive.

Automatic Data Processing


Automatic Data Processing (ADP) provides
outsourcing and Payroll solutions to businesses around the
world. Others are in
software and program development, which
pay more but require specialized technology skills.

Xerox Corp..

Scheduling for lots of its onsite employees.
Available telecommuting jobs Include executive
recruitment, which requires a bachelor’s degree and sales
Experience; part-time call centre
positions, which don’t have any educational
or Background requirements; and project
management, which takes several years Of
related experience.

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