Weekly and Bi-weekly Lawn Cutting in Nepean and Ottawa

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Weekly and Bi-weekly Lawn Cutting in Nepean and Ottawa

We offer weekly and biweekly lawn cutting in Nepean, Ottawa, and surrounding areas. If you cut your property in the summer once a week, you will find that your grass will grow faster.
Many different benefits come from our weekly lawn mowing service, and these benefits make it one of the best services we offer.
By working with us once a week, you can enjoy all of the advantages that come from mowing your lawn. We can ensure that your property looks its best, and you will not have to worry about the weeds competing with your lawn for sunlight.
Enjoy your yard, and make it even healthier by using our weekly lawn mowing service.
You will also find that you can mow your lawn more effectively and be less troublesome to cut and get in between different areas of your yard. Your grass will always look healthy and green if you mow your grass weekly.
Bi-weekly Lawn Cutting
Bi-weekly lawn cutting is an affordable option for some homeowners. Cutting twice a month is an inexpensive option if you are looking to keep your grass low and not have the weeds overtake your property.
As a lawn care professional, we cannot guarantee a healthy green lawn if you’re cutting twice a month.
If you have the budget, we always recommend weekly cutting over bi-weekly cutting. Some of the disadvantages of cutting biweekly includes weeds will always outgrow lawn grass. Intrusive weeds can appeal to insects and are hard to control once established.
Grass cuttings are good nutrients for your lawn, but when it’s too much, the cuttings will stifle the sunlight and the oxygen, leading to poor grass growth.

Three Lawn Mowing Packages

We offer three lawn mowing packages to suit your needs. They include Seasonal packages, weekly and biweekly packages, and on-demand grass cutting. Just tell us your preference, and we will customize a schedule and a service just for you.
All Grass-Cutting Packages Includes
Mulch mowing (grass recycling or bagging)
Grass trimming around flower beds, decks, fences, curbs, etc.(Weed whacking)
Cleanup of clippings off of hard surfaces such as walkways and steps (With a blower)
All our grass-cutting packages include mowing of the front and back of your property. We will also weed wack along your walkways and around your flower beds to give it that manicured look. We will blow the grass cuttings from your steps and walkways. Plus, do the other things that are pre-define for us to do.
No long-term contract
No long-term contract is required. Pay as you go. You can pause your service, make changes, cancel, and renew as you see fit with no penalties. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote. We will contact you and make arrangements to drop over to your home to look at your lawn and discuss any services you require. Our evaluation will also include suggestions that will help your property grow green.

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