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Strength is the rawest type of power, and you have it in a form. It’s a very positive card when you’re fighting injuries or suffering from illness. It is possible that its influence on you, and the use you make of it, could be lighter or darker. You likely trend towards facing your challenges with courage, face-to-face, and conquering them through determination and persistence. With this ability to overcome challenges in life comes the responsibility to control yourself, and it this card could be a reminder to take command of your actions and emotions before they damage you or the people you love.The Strength Tarot card the woman gently massages the lion’s forehead and jaw. Although it is famous for its fierceness, the woman has tamed the beast with her calming, loving energy. The lion is the symbol of emotions and desires. in taming him, the woman shows that animal instinct and raw passion can be manifested in positive ways when the inner strength and resiliency are utilized. She doesn’t use coercion or force, she uses her strength within her strength for subduing and subtly take control of the animal. the white robe to show her pure spirit with the crown and belt are made of blossoms that symbolize the most stunning, fullest expression of nature. The crown of her head is the symbol for infinity, representing her infinite capacity and wisdom. “The Strength tarot card is the ninth Major Arcana card of the tarot deck. It is a symbol of many qualities other than being strong. It was once termed fortitude, and it’s meaning is clear from both illustration and title. A strong spirit and a steady mind under pressure, and collaborating together with others and allowing mistakes to be made is all a component of strength. When this card appears when you read your cards, it is definitely a sign that stamina and patience is required for some challenges in your life, love or career. Are you prepared to face the world wearing an cover of strength? The Strength tarot card represents one of the arcana major cards that performs exactly as it is stated on the Tin. Strength, when it appears during an tarot reading, represents our own strength. This could be physical strength or more commonly it is a reference to our emotional and internal strength. The strength tarot meaning is one of my favorites because it has a strong, positive energy that allows you to be confident that you are able to do what needs to be done. That you possess an inner strength to conquer any obstacle that is holding you back or causing you pain and negative energy today

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