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As part of personal development with the aspiration of one day leading in a leadership position; always keep in mind the need for mentors and or respected confidantes. Also along the way in pursuit of your dreams there will be those to quickly claim perhaps your lack of qualifications for the job or the opportunity before you. Invest it wisely by asking God for wisdom

There are many ways these development courses can help people. A quick internet search will yield a lot of results that would lead you to websites for more information on how to enroll in these workshops. Follow your heart as long as you follow your plan. Working with other people can also help us realize things about ourselves that we don’t normally do when we are on our own. If it is spirituality you seek, you will find billions of resources

The secret to happiness is simple; Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life. It refers to the accumulation of life skills that help a person to live a productive and satisfying life. You’d be surprised how much a little planning can improve your financial situation

It can be challenging to identify areas of your life that need development, especially if you are not in tune with who you are, what you desire, what you have and don’t have. Identifying Areas that need development. Just because you have tried in the past to develop certain areas of your life and failed, doesn’t mean you cannot be successful in the future, the timing may just be wrong

As Christians we are designed to change. Almost all meetings with my mentor provide me a number of ideas. Good mentors share great ideas and concepts with you. Imagine how you would feel if you’re able to accomplish great things in life

If you do nothing and just disappear into the background, you will never attain your full potential. Be aware of your abilities and skills, take a positive attitude to your attributes and you are on the road towards developing a high level of self esteem. Here are some things that you can do to improve your self esteem: they are simple initial steps to personal development and the beginning of your future. Note any achievements, no matter how small, and any aspects of your character that you feel proud of, such as honesty, compassion, fidelity or loyalty

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