Safe Co-Sleeping for With Bedside Co Sleeper Bed

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For new parents, always being close to their baby is a
priority. That includes being close to the baby during sleeping hours. The
notion of co-sleeping refers to sleeping with your baby close to you, often
with a reach of your arm. Co-sleeping generally means the baby is near, but in
a different bed.

The babybay® bedside co sleeper bed attaches right to the
parents’ bed.

For several years now, more parents have been adopting this
practice of co-sleeping, with the infants sleeping nearby in a co-sleeping
cradle. This aligns with the guidelines set out by the American Academy of
Pediatrics (AAP), which advises parents not to sleep with a new baby IN a
parent bed, for obvious reasons. Let’s look at some of the benefits of
co-sleeping arrangements.

Benefits of Co-Sleeping

Ideally, as a baby sleeps in a bedside co sleeper bed next
to the parents’ bed, the baby receives feelings of comfort, security and
reassurance. Having the baby near to the parents’ bed gives the parents the
ability to calm the baby without having to stand up and walk over to an unattached
crib across the room or in another room.

Also, as both baby and parents sleep more soundly, this
shared sleep provides benefits to both. The parent is at arm’s length to calm
the baby if it awakes, and slowly massage the baby back to sleep. The baby
gains a more balanced development in the early months of life, without sleep
anxieties or other issues arising.

Find the Right Co-Sleeping Bed

At babybay, we take co-sleeping very seriously. Our babybay
bedside co sleeper bed is one of the leading co-sleeping beds made for infants,
and it’s largely because of the high attention of quality materials we put into
the bed.

We make our babybay beds with untreated solid beech wood.
This means the wood is untreated, made from sustainably managed forests, and is
pollutant-free. Our babybay bed features 10 different adjustable height
positions, giving parents the flexibility to adjust to the parent bed size. If
you want to move the babybay around your living space, you can also pick up an
optional side safety gate and castor wheels set for extra mobility.

If you’re a new parent, you owe it to yourself to check out
a new babybay bedside co sleeper bed. Our beds are solid and durable, and the
quality wood design enhances the bedroom’s aesthetics. The co-sleeper can also
be turned into a bassinet bed or play crib as your baby grows. Simply order our
Bassinet Conversion Kit to convert your babybay from a bedside co sleeper bed to
a standalone bassinet.

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