Retirement Planning Tips When You’re In Your Mid-60s

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Regardless of your age, retirement planning can be quite a challenge. But, there are ways to help you prepare for those golden years. Listed below are retirement planning tips for all those who are currently in their mid-60s.


There was a time when 65 years old was the common age for retirement. A lot has changed since then. The age when the total retirement benefits are made available has been increased by the Social Security Administration. Additionally, there has been a movement in various company sponsored plans wherein defined benefit plans are shifted to defined contribution plans.


According to these updates, there are many savings programs that are not giving out the expected projected returns. It’s quite easy to see why a lot of people have no choice but to postpone their retirement.


Obviously, even if you think you are financially stable, it doesn’t always mean that you have to retire when you reach the age of 75 years old. There are a lot of 65 year olds who still enjoy working and love their job. But there are some things that need to be considered and addressed when planning for your retirement during your mid-60s and beyond.


Are You Ready To Retire?


In case the policy of your employer offers retirement when you reach the age of 65, consider if you are prepared to quit, financially and psychologically. If not, then determine if you want to ask your employer if  it’s possible for you to work for a few more years or if he’d like to hire you as a consultant.


Generally, you would get this done at least one year before you reach the retirement age because there are some employers who begin the process of retirement early. A lot of employers are now concentrating on hiring and keeping staff who are skilled, experienced, and know the business as a way to fortify their intellectual banks.


Remaining as a salaried employee does not only mean that you will continue to get a steady income. You will also get health coverage as well as other benefits that your employer may offer. But if you would rather be a consultant, you will have more flexibility and have a working retirement.


Create A Retirement Budge


Seniors who have saved up money for many years could feel that once they reach their retirement age, they can finally enjoy all the fruits of their board. Although that may be true, there also those who go overboard and end up spending their retirement money in just a few years.


If you don’t want to fall into this trap, you should learn how to budget your expenses. Don’t forget to add in the new costs for future plans like travel. This could help you come up with a realistic calculation of much you can afford for the activities you want to enjoy once you decide to retire.


Having a budget is much more important when you have retired because your income will most likely come from your savings, pension plans, and social security benefits.


Use Your Home For Extra Income


In case you are living in a big space, it may be the perfect time to determine if you should move into a smaller house that is less expensive to maintain. You should also think about moving into an area with a lower cost of living. This could offer you more funds, which you can add to your retirement nest egg.


In case you are not willing to move or to sell your house but require extra retirement income, you should take into account if the risks that are involved in the reverse mortgage is suitable for you. Under this kind of program, the lender will use your home equity to give you a tax free income.


Before you apply for a reverse mortgage loan, you should ask as many questions as you can during your retirement planning Myrtle Beach and that includes how much in fees you have to pay, the mortgage terms, as well as your receipt of payment options.


Income Management


In case you have to take income from your savings in order to finance your retirement, you should take steps to make sure that you lower the taxes and make the most out of what you can keep. Your distinct financial profile would identify the best time for you to use specific income types.


Generally speaking, making withdrawals from plans that are sponsored by your employer, traditional IRAs, or other tax deferred accounts must take place at a time when you have a lower income tax rate. This can help you reduce the income tax that you owe on these amounts.


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