Ranking Videos on YouTube Part 2 – Preparing & Uploading Videos

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Once we have our video made, we want to look for factors that will help us rank, one of those factors is to find your keyword. Another is link authority. So in this example, we can take a look at Tufts University and go to Wikipedia, take that link and put it in your description helps. Okay.
Watch the video for details…
Video Uploading Checklist
â–º Keyword in title
â–º Add description
â–º Upload thumbnail
â–º Add video to Playlist
â–º Check – No, it’s not made for children
Under More Options
â–º  Add Tags
â–º Select your video language
â–º Select category
Click Next
â–º Add an end screen
â–º Add cards
Click Next
â–º Hit Save
â–º Share on social media 
â–º Play video through once 


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