Ottawa Gutter Guards and Eavestrough Screen Protection

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Skip Tedious Gutter Cleaning Each Year

Do you get tired of having to haul a ladder around and clean your gutters every spring and fall? Gutter cleaning is an unpleasant but necessary part of home ownership. If you don’t want leaves, mold, and other buildup to cause clogs, you usually have to keep them clean. This can be a hazardous job that involves climbing up slippery ladders, dealing with sharp metal, and moving around at risky heights.

Ottawa gutter guards are a simple and convenient solution. Eavestrough screen protection fits in place over the top of your gutters and catches anything too large. The coverage ensures that you don’t get a lot of leaf buildup inside of your gutters. Even without bi-annual cleanings, your gutters are less likely to clog.

In addition to cutting back on your chores, guards from Alba Home Services in Ottawa also reduce the risk of sudden home damage. During a large storm, just one fallen branch can be enough to cause a backup and let water drip into your house. Gutter guards prevent these sorts of random events from causing big problems for you.

How Does a Gutter Guard Work?

Eavestrough gutter guards are essentially a type of filter. It looks like a strip of metal with several narrow holes that sits on top of your gutter. This filter will catch leaves and twigs while still allowing water to flow into the gutters. Since all this debris isn’t lodged deep inside your gutters, much of it will just blow off your roof.

You still might need to do gutter maintenance every now and then since leaves can stack up. However, since the leaves aren’t in the direct line of water flow, they don’t tend to bunch up at corners and downspouts. The reduction in leaf buildup means that you can skip several routine cleanings. Instead of cleaning your gutters two or three times a year, it only needs to be done every two years. And since the debris isn’t sitting directly in the gutter, you can just brush the tops of the guards instead of having to dig around inside the gutter.

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