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Emergency kits are great for the safety of you and your family, but what if it’s an emergency outdoors? It can be difficult to find a pack with all of those necessities. Thankfully, there is now a kit designed specifically for outdoor emergencies that has everything you need in one place! You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that this survival kit contains crucial items like water purification tablets, signalling mirror reflectors and whistles so rescuers know where they’re coming from.


Lately, there has been an increase in the number of people who are planning their next adventure through a remote location. A disaster-preparedness kit can be essential for almost any situation you might encounter on your trek – from tornadoes to earthquakes and everything else that Mother Nature could throw at us! There are many different things you will want to pack depending on where in the world or what type of wilderness setting it is: wild animals need food, water purification tablets should not be left out when eating canned foods due to potential botulism (a deadly form of bacteria), solar chargers provide power during emergencies and more. It’s important when packing these items though that they don’t take up too much space; so instead try


The wilderness is a dangerous place, even for the most experienced of hikers. You never know what might happen out there and it’s important to have all your bases covered before you set off on an expedition in these remote parts. A good idea would be to put together or add onto an outdoor survival kit at home so that you’ll always be prepared just in case anything goes wrong!


To reduce the size and weight of the outdoor survival kit, select items that have more than one purpose. Items that only have one purpose may be crucial to survival, but if a similar product can perform the identical function, plus meet other needs, choose the one that offers the most options. Avoid duplicating items.


The outdoor survival kit should be split into two parts. The part of the kit that stays in a pouch will contain the bulky items that you need to keep handy and accessible. The other portion of the outdoor survival kit should be pocket-sized. These are the items you use everyday. Be familiar with each and every item in the outdoor survival kit. An item is not going to help you survive if you don’t know how to use it properly.


A quality pocket knife is an essential part of the outdoor survival kit. The survival knife is compact, so it can be carried with you all the time. Choose a variety that is comfortable to use. Various features may also be helpful and reduce the need for other items in the outdoor survival kit.


Waterproof matches or a flint striker are must haves in an outdoor survival kit. Fire can make the difference between success and failure, so always have these items available. Practice using such items at home before you really need them.


Keep with you a small can or container for purifying drinking water. This can may be used to melt snow or ice, or as a filter for drinking water. You may wish to include water purifying tablets in your survival kit, as well.


First aid items are a must for an outdoor survival kit. You may need bandages, for example in an emergency. Include a small supply of necessary prescription medications for severe conditions that you may have, such as an inhaler for asthma.


A compass and map will be very helpful in an emergency. These tools will allow you to find your way to help quickly and easily.

Rope, fish hooks, and dried foods are other items that can be beneficial. Vary your outdoor survival kit as needed to meet the environment and your skill level. Also, consider the amount of space you will have to carry such items when making your outdoor survival kit.


It’s important to consider where you’ll be going and what the climate is like when picking out an outdoor survival kit. Yes, this can change even in different parts of one country! You need a lighter that works well with your specific needs: assuming it will rain often or if there are high winds? These little details make all the difference for safety on these expeditions.

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