Montreal Businesses Can Now Make Their Own Marketing Videos

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Montreal Businesses, developing your own video ads just got easier with a revolutionary software that was just released by Oliver Goodwin. 

The software is called Human Synthesys Studio with amazing life like characters and the best in the industry Text To Speech engine. You would never guess that these are not live videos, but they are closest to human spokespersons you can get without paying thousands. 

You know it would cost you a lot of money to get a simple video ad produced for your Facebook page, now, you can do this yourself and have an ad up on your page within minutes. 

Todd Gross, who is a well known marketer and spokesperson is a partner in this launch and he is one of the most sought after spokesperson for any ad on the internet. He loves this software and he not only puts his name and his reputation on it, he has a character of himself that you can purchase in one of the special upgrades.

There is even an offer where you can get a spokesperson of yourself with an amazing reproduction of your voice, can you imagine that. You can have your staff work on video marketing messages while you are off doing other things in your business. 

The software is truly amazing and one of kind in the industry.

Anyone who has done small video ads or other small productions will definitely find this software very helpful and profitable if you are a small agency. 

Hurry, buy this software today and start making your own marketing ads for a fraction of the price. If you don’t have the time, get one of your staff working on your ads. Click on one of the blue links in this article to go to our website to find out more. 


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