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Welcome to my “Let’s Save The Red House” post folks.  I discovered that earlier this month it was reported that plans have been submitted to demolish The Red House and in its place build seven new, luxury apartments. Initially, before having a bit of a dig around, my first reaction was, what about The Red House? To the best of my knowledge, The Red House as I remembered it, was no longer a pub. It ceased to be a pub some 14 years or so ago.

Nowadays, it is in fact an Italian restaurant called Et Alia. As I’ve never been to the restaurant I can’t really comment as to whether it is worth a visit or not.  But, the proposal is that the building is to be demolished and, in it’s place, seven luxury apartments built in it’s place.

The full planning application was submitted to the Council by a Lancashire based property company. As yet, I haven’t seen any details of the application other than what I’ve found on Google.

The reasons for selling Et Alia in the first place are not known to me either. However, in this particular instance, it’s not really relevant either as, going forward, the aim of the community, as an alternative idea to the apartments development, isn’t centred on it being a restaurant. 

The first the local community were aware of the proposed changes was when they found out about the planning application. It was at this stage that they kicked into action. Not happy with the suggested changes, they have formed their own community group, “Let’s Save The Red House” and are busily looking to spread the word about their own, alternative plans for the site and the building.

As the building is a well loved, 170 year old historical piece of local interest and heritage, they have applied to the local Council to have the site and the building registered as an “Asset of Community Value.” If successfully identified as such by the Council, the community group have so many plans of their own for the popular local feature, which is located in a stunning location overlooking the River Dee in Chester.

The first action on the list is to revert the status of the building from a restaurant and turn it back into a pub.

You can read more of the plans and ideas in the link provided. This link provides even more details and also contains links to a newly formed Facebook Group. Also, entitled “Let’s Save The Red House.”

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