Leaf Guard & Gutter Screen Installation

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Leaf Protection & Gutter Screen Installation for your Home

At one time or another, every homeowner has had to tackle the unpleasant chore of cleaning out the gutters. Without the proper gutter leaf protection, they get clogged with leaves and debris several times throughout the year. Cleaning out the gutters is a dirty, time-consuming, and often dangerous task when attempted by the do-it-yourself homeowner. Those who are unable to clean their gutters on their own are forced to hire out the job at a great expense and inconvenience.

Gutter screen installation is the solution for these gutter woes! Before we sing the praises of an eavestrough leaf protection, let’s take a look at exactly what gutters are, why keeping them clean is important, and how Alba Home Services in Ottawa can help relieve the seasonal dread that comes along when the leaves start to fall.

Gutters provide a necessary service by keeping the home and landscaping free of water damage. They are most often constructed of aluminum and installed along the roofline of the home, garage and occasionally outbuildings such as sheds and pool houses. Gutters collect rainwater and distribute it through downspouts to run off away from the home. Without properly functioning gutters, water can fall directly down to the foundation of the house, in time causing a structural nightmare.

A home without working gutters (or gutters that are too clogged with leaves to work properly) will also suffer damage to its landscaping. Without the eavestrough leaf protection, water can fall at a hard and dangerous rate, causing the plantings underneath the roofline to suffer. The improper disbursement of rain water can also wash away mulch, native plants and decorative items placed throughout the landscape.

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