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Good with family members but will become aggressive to children outside the family. They don’t require as much exercise as other small breeds so they make ideal pets for apartment dwellers or older people. This lack of humanity becomes apparent when we start to parade sick dogs in front of the masses so that they can be awarded for the very attributes that cause them grief. As there are many types of stray dogs the new owners may be asked to spay or neuter their new members of the family. Anyone can become the proud owner of small dogs but the various animal shelters where these small dogs are housed will make sure that any potential owner has the willingness to care for these small dogs

Most of the problems root from irresponsible training. I have collated top 10 dogs who are smartest of all. Dogs have been helping humans since nearly the beginning of time

Retriever – Golden and Labrador – High energy – need lots of exercise, medium to large in size. Pet owners should be very wary that their pets condition may worsen anytime soon so they have to do everything that it takes to make sure that their dog is living as comfortably as possible. Let the veterinarian guide you accordingly so youll know which foods to give and which foods to avoid. I adopted one chihuahua who kept attacking a German Shepherd who finally bit her. Small dog breeds are great pets, but since their personalities are all different, it’s a good idea to look at their individual characteristics to see if they fit with your lifestyle

You should take special precautions for brachycephalic dogs in hot, humid weather. Nevertheless, these people learned that, should you picked animals for their distinct characteristics, you could actually mix all of the features which were sought after in one dog. Bottom line: Do not give a puppy or dog as a holiday gift! It is not the right time to introduce them to their new home and family. A controversial new study suggests that dogs were domesticated more than 100,000 years ago. Pay attention to how much water your dog drinks


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