Jarvis Boss Mode Demo | Combining Templates & Jarvis Boss Mode To Create A Promo Email

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What does a copywriter/content creator do when they’re not feeling creative? Fire up Jarvis of course!

I’ve got to admit I’m not feeling very creative at the moment. I’ve been dealing with some serious health issues that have left me feeling flat and exhausted.

But I’ve also got clients who depend on me to produce marketing content and keep those sales ticking over.

Thank goodness for Jarvis!

In this over the shoulder demo I combine a couple of the Jarvis pre-built templates to put together the context for Jarvis Boss Mode to generate a promo email for an ecommerce product.

Yeah, I fumbled and bumbled. Being totally transparent it was a test. You see, when you have a tool as powerful as Jarvis, you really don’t know what it can do until you experiment.

And yes, in the end, Jarvis Boss Mode in combination with some of the pre-built Jarvis templates, ended up producing a promo email that would do the job. (I polished the email a little further following a couple more read throughs once the recording was done, but all in all, the majority of the email was produced by Jarvis Boss Mode and I’ve got to admit I’m pretty happy)

The email has been queued to go out to a pretty unresponsive list (the list is made up primarily of giveaway entrants – so getting them to buy is always going to be a challenge). Let’s see what happens.

You can try out Jarvis for yourself by using my link below. You’ll even receive 10,000 bonus credits if you sign up.

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