It Stops Now! – Book Launched by HR Expert to Help Managers Deal with Harassment and Bullying at Work

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Learn how to create a safe and supportive workplace environment for your employees with this HR expert’s new book on the subject!


UK author Josie Hastings has launched a new book called ‘It Stops Now!’ to tackle workplace bullying and harassment. With over 25 years of industry experience, this harassment, bullying and discrimination specialist is well placed to help businesses, managers and employees.


Her book is available to download on Kindle and in audio. It is ideal for managers like yourself as it provides a practical toolkit, proven strategies, and advice to help you support your employees.


Josie identifies how bullying has evolved from obvious overt behaviours to more subtle actions such as micro-aggressions. Both forms are damaging to employees’ self-esteem and confidence and could have serious implications for your organisation.


If you are equipped to recognise and deal effectively with harassment and bullying, you can protect your business from time-consuming grievances or legal action taken by disgruntled employees.


Hostile and disrespectful cultures in the workplace have gained negative press in recent years as they cause workplace stress, mental health issues and a reduction in productivity.


‘It Stops Now!’ teaches you all the strategies required to overcome subtle, passive-aggressive bullying behaviours. These include microaggressions, put downs, sarcasm and exclusion which managers and employees find hardest to recognise, raise or address.  


In addition, you will learn how to carry out informal investigations into inappropriate behaviour and facilitate meetings between the parties involved. It also explains exactly how you should carry out formal investigations in serious cases.


Josie has launched an online course on harassment and bullying for managers and staff to accompany her book. The course is interactive and uses professional actors-coaches to illustrate how to address different forms of harassment or bullying. 


Josie aims to help you create a collaborative work environment that is respectful and comfortable for all. This approach can help your employees to feel valued and reduce your staff turnover.


‘It Stops Now!’ is available to purchase in several formats, including paperback and audiobook, which can be accessed through Audible.


A five-star reviewer wrote: “If you are a manager who is dealing with bullying and harassment, Josie’s book has been written for you. This book is an excellent guide – Josie draws on her extensive experience of working with managers to address bullying and harassment.”

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