How to Write A Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper about a social issue

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A Letter to the Editor may be written to the editor of a magazine or a newspaper. It is written to highlight a social problem or problem. It can likewise be written in order to get it released in the said medium.
As it is a formal letter, the format has to be followed strictly. Only official language can be used i.e. abbreviations and slang language should be prevented.

It must be written in one line. It needs to communicate the matter for which the letter is written.
5. Salutation (Sir/ Respected sir/ Madam).
6. Body: The matter of the letter is composed here. It is divided into 3 paragraphs as follows -.
Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and the function of composing the letter in brief.
Paragraph 2: Give detail of the matter.
Paragraph 3: Conclude by discussing what you anticipate from the editor. (For example, you might desire him to highlight the concern in his newspaper/magazine).
7. Complimentary Closing.
8. If any), sender’s designation, signature, and name(.

letter to the editor is an official letter and in the examination, trainees are asked to compose a letter to the editor. Here, we have actually gone over a Letter to the Editor Sample for the benefit of the trainees.

Letter to Editor Format Class 10 to 12
Let us go over the Letter to Editor Format.
The format of a letter to the editor of a Newspaper is as follows–.
1. Sender’s address: The address and contact details of the sender are written here. Consist of an e-mail and telephone number, if required or if mentioned in the question.
2. Date: The date is composed below the sender’s address after Leaving one area or line.
3. Receiving Editor’s address: The address of the recipient of the mail i.e. the editor is composed here.

write a letter to the editor about frequent power cut in your locality

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