How do you remove calcium deposits from a fiberglass pool

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Why is my fiberglass pool shell whitening? This is a common question that fiberglass pool customers may have to deal with at some point.

This dulling can start as a white film forming on the shell of the swimming pool and can also make the water seem cloudy. The white particulate can also build up in the filter which will require frequent cleaning. This can happen to any fiberglass pool because of age, excessive chemical treatments (especially overchlorination) or most commonly, a combination of these concerns.

If you view a layer of white or greyish-white grime on the walls of your pool around the tile line, that’s calcium. Calcium can build up and leach into the pool’s gelcoat. As fiberglass swimming pools begin to get older the gelcoat or color will slowly fade in color over time. Calcium scale deposits occur when your water an over abundance of calcium or from metals in the water. The white metal depostis are usually are there from calcium deposits that have built up over time.

Keeping a great looking fiberglass pool means keeping the water in balance by keeping the right chemicals and systems to help control the processes that make calcification possible. One such system is the Vibranz fiberglass pool care system. 

How do you remove calcium deposits from a fiberglass pool

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