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Can an Uitzendbureau Save You Money?

Horeca Uitzendbureau Amsterdam has some of the Cheapest Prices in the Netherlands!

It’s true, we believe that staffing your business shouldn’t break the bank. There is no reason to pay expensive fees to other Uitzendbureaus, we believe you should be able to have convenience at a reasonable price. Contact us and find out more.

Professional Uitzendkrachten

Horeca Uitzendbureau Amsterdam specializes in supplying certified and experienced personnel in the Horeca, Security, Cleaning, and Transportation sectors. Our refined international network on the labor market ensures that we always have the right temporary worker (s) at our disposal.

Dragging in big jobs is what you naturally strive for. Nevertheless, it remains difficult to find reliable and skilled employees in addition to your own staff, who strive for the quality of your company.

With us, you are always assured of professional temporary employees who are motivated, social, and professional. Through our clear and transparent communication, you know exactly what you can expect from us.

Stop dealing with the hassle of paying payroll

With our temporary Horecamedewerkers, we deal with all the payroll and boring administrative work. You only pay the invoice that includes the workers’ hourly wage, our service fee, and VAT… that is it! We do the rest so you can focus on more important things, or maybe just relax for a change. 


If you choose Horeca Uitzendbureau Amsterdam, you choose to smoothen your work process. We not only provide flex workers but can also provide support for flexible work. There is always someone standing by to answer your questions and help you adjust to your ideal staffing goals so your establishment runs smoothly. In a communication triangle including you as a business owner, we have one common goal namely the constant improvement of your work process (quality, quantity, norms, and values). The costs for the support are included in the offer price.

We have been working with our optimization concept and refining it for even better results. Together with the client, we look at the combination of the various factors that can mean the optimization of the process.

This requires continuous monitoring of the work process, this way you can adjust the process based on valuable insights.

We leave the tie out, we prefer a no-nonsense approach.

With rolled-up sleeves, market insight, an efficient view of your industry, and effective deployment of resources.

Would you like to make an appointment (half an hour) without any obligation?

Horeca Uitzendbureau Amsterdam

Horeca Uitzendbureau Amsterdam is a leading temporary employment agency and offers various types of contracts for temporary or permanent jobs in which the quality of the personnel is of paramount importance. We have become a Uitzendkrachten specialist in our industry. 

Because of our experience, our Uitzendbureau has a lot of knowledge of the sectors and we are fully aware of developments. You, the client, and all our temporary employees can rely on our expertise and professionalism in every respect. When your organization needs flexibility, flexibly organized labor is of great importance. The basis for this is formed by temporary workers that you can hire from us.

Whether you are looking for temporary flex workers or more frequent employees with specific qualities, we will gladly search for you and then select the best candidates. It is our mission to always find the best-skilled workers for our clients. What requirements do you make of the employees? What work experience or training is required? Which languages are important? What is the mentality of your company? What are the most important competencies of your employees?

We guarantee compliance with the collective labor agreement applicable to you, correct payment of employees, and a correct invoice. You will also receive from us:

– Clear partner – always up to date on whats going on with you;

-Flexible plans – so you get exactly what you need at a good price;

– Collaboration down to the last detail – everything is clear;

– Knowledge partner – always up to date with the latest developments;

– Tight pool management – being able to respond to needs through an annual plan;

– Peace of mind – in all areas, whether administrative, financial or planning;

Contact us for your free quote and a no-obligation assessment of how we can help you and your business today!

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