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Value Growth Partners Founder and now a partner at Newport, mark o brien Chicago has over thirty years of experience in Business Growth, Successions, and Transitions as a business owner, executive, and advisor to privately held & family businesses. He is adept at accelerating sustainable growth in competitive & challenging markets. 

Knowledge, skillset, and experiences enriched through hands-on work in manufacturing and distribution within aerospace, automotive, woodworking, plastics, supply-chain logistics, & technology worldwide.  Mark is highly experienced with innovating, improving, & implementing manufacturing & supply chain solutions that yield improvements in productivity, cost reductions, and throughput resulting in sustainable growth.

Mark supports business owners with realizing their value potential, achieving life goals, and fulfilling dreams by supporting growth, transition, & succession plans that assist with Getting-2-Next©.

After many years of assisting owners in transitioning their business, Mark and VGP partners help business owners realize that one of the biggest challenges is executing succession and transition is the lack of a plan for “What’s NEXT?”

It’s very challenging for an owner or executive leader to manage a leadership succession and even more difficult to manage a business transition without a transition plan that addresses “What’s Next.” We understand and have a plan that will assist.

Find out more about Mark O Brien Chicago on our website and contact us if you are looking for help with a business transition strategy. Value Growth Partners/Newport can assist you in knowing and growing your business value before the transition – (312) 525-8382.

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