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How would you like access to a new form of advertising that gets better
results than your Google Pay Per Click Advertising while at the same
time costing much less?

It targets people that are actually in need of an Attorney. I’m talking
about people that have physically been hurt or have an urgent need for
your legal services.

This system is based on proven results.I’m sure you are aware that
traditional advertising is not very good at targeting specific crowds.
Say for example, you run an advertisement on a billboard. Yeah, you
reach people but you have to reach so many to find the ones that are
actually even thinking about looking for a lawyer.

We focus on finding ways to get your advertisement in front of the right
audience, at the right time.

Imagine if you were able to have a nice eye-catching billboard right in
the center of your local hospital’s emergency rooms.

Now, of course you can’t do that. But in a way, that’s exactly what we

This is very specific targeting. We are able to place your ads in front
of the people that need your service. People that have been to the
Emergency Room.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend your efforts on getting in front of
these people? Instead of a billboard that’s going to be seen by
everyone. In the past, this simply wasn’t possible. But that’s exactly
what we do.

Thanks to a new and powerful technology and very unique system that
we’ve developed. We have the ability to get your advertising message in
front of people that have visited specific locations such as Emergency
Rooms in your local area.

Our system then will go to work and start showing them ads for your law
practice immediately. They might even see your ad while they are still
there. But that’s not the end of it, because our system will continue to
follow them around and show them ads for the next few weeks.

Our system will show them your ads on their phone, including while
they’re surfing the internet, playing popular games and more.

So what’s going to be the fore front of their mind, your law practice.

Our technology even allows us to see exactly when someone comes in to
your law practice.

Because we also draw a virtual fence around your office.

So when someone comes in that we pull from the emergency room, you’ll
know it. You’ll even know what location they came from.

This type of advertising is known as “Mobile Conquesting”. And when it’s
paired with our system, it becomes and incredibly cost-effective way to
advertise to a much more targeted audience.

Or would it make more sense to advertise specifically to the people that
are out there, physically visiting the Emergency Room.

Think about it.

How would you like to have the ability to dominate the phones, tablets
and computers of people that are visiting the Emergency Rooms or other
locations that you select?

This is like literally having a billboard right there in the Emergency
Room. Actually, it’s better than that.

Because our virtual billboard will literally follow them home and pop on
their phones, computers and more.

You need to be getting in front of more people. And the closer you can
get to your target audience, the better.

And that’s exactly what we focus on by targeting people that have
visited specific locations such as Emergency Rooms.

We give you an incredibly cost-effective way to get in front of a huge
audience that’s super targeted for you.

This is perfect for Personal Injury Attorneys that want to generate more
calls and visits from potential clients, increase the revenue and save
on advertising by targeting a much more focused group of people.

But it also works for almost any other law practice.

If you would like to see if we are a good fit, you can contact us at

We like to talk with 3 types of attorneys.

Those that want more potentials coming in to their practice.

Those that want to have a more focused approach to their advertising.

And those that serious about wanting to increase their revenue.

Call 855-943-8736 to schedule a free strategy session with a member of
our digital marketing team. We’ll take a close look together and if we
can help your law firm.

We’ll only work with one law practice in your local area. So if you feel
like this is right for your practice, just call us for the free


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