Food and beverage industry in Singapore

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Singapore is a famous food capital in Asia. The food services industry plays a vital role in our economy. The industry contributed 0.8% of Singapore’s GDP and employed about 180,000 workers in 2016.
The global food and beverages (F&B) market is growing exponentially along with the growth in urban populations worldwide. Besides buying more food, discerning diners are driving demand for better food which are safe, natural and healthy. In addition, automation and artificial intelligence are leaving their mark on the industry.
Competition is rife in F&B industries everywhere. But the industry is also full of potential and opportunities for innovative and nimble players if you can catch the trends.
Increasingly, local food companies are using technology to operate more efficiently. Diners can now order food on mobile devices and tablets, pay for it digitally, among other innovative solutions. Adopting tech will help you level up your services in the highly competitive food industry.
F&B companies are differentiating themselves with innovative dining concepts, products and services, in order to offer customers better dining experiences.
Singaporeans work long hours. This has driven the demand for fast and convenient meals. This is also happening in cities around the region. Your F&B business can ride on the growing demand to launch ready meals and explore vending machine concepts. Since these service formats are still fairly new, they offer lots of opportunities for F&B players like you to enter the market.
On the other end, a segment of consumers are going for artisan, handcrafted food, or have grown to expect customisation of food to their preferences. You can go beyond mass market appeal to explore niche F&B concepts.

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