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If you are a local company and wondering how you could reduce your local advertising costs but don’t know how to go about it, then you will want to read this whole article to find out, how you can get your local business onto the first page of Google, with a little online help for local businesses.

You may be thinking why is it important to get my local business onto the first page of Google? Many business owners have been asking the same question, as they are finding that their local advertising in yellow pages and local newspapers are not bringing in many new customers for their business.

They have suddenly realized that they have been spending their hard earned money on local advertising that is not working; they have heard that having a local business website may be the answer to this problem, and some have spent a lot of money by hiring a website designer to build one for their local business.

All of this to no avail they are still not getting the visitors that they need to the new website, and now they are beginning to scratch their heads to find an answer to this problem.

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Well Google and the other main search engines have come to their rescue, as they have found that most of the daily searches are from local people looking for services and products, in local areas, so now they are giving people local search results first, meaning that the business owner can take advantage of these new search results.

Not only that but they are also helping by allowing businesses to list their business in Google Places, and yahoo local all the main search engines have their own versions, this gives the business owners the chance to get onto the first page of Google, with their listing, and also with their website, if it is well optimized.

Business owners tend to be too busy just running their business, to do this work for themselves, not only that but these listings need to be well optimized, if you want it to get onto the first page of the listings, so it is best to hire an expert to get online help for local business.

Good online help for local business is having the local listings rank on the first page of Google for several search terms, the listings needs to have as much information about the local business as possible, with good use of photos and videos in it.

The listing should be linked to the business website, which should have good on-page optimization, so that the search engines know what the website is about, to be able to present it in the local searches, and there should also be work done to promote the website to build back-links to it, to give it a better position in the searches.

With the increased use of mobile devices, the website should be mobile friendly so that mobile users can also see the website properly; all of this helps to gain more prospects for your business.

The more exposure for your local business the better, so it may be a good idea to list your business in as many business directory listings as possible, and of course they need to be linked back to your business website.

To get this work done for you, you will want to know that whoever you choose knows what they are doing, as it is important to do this correctly, you could ask to see examples of their work, and you can check the company’s website by going to AboutUs.org and put the website address into the search bar, this will show you how the search engines see that website, and whether it is well optimized.

If this work is completed properly you should soon see how using online help for local business will get you on the first page of Google, and your business will soon have more customers and profits.

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