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Relaxed Outfit is always sourcing dresses from different suppliers with quality yet affordable. We include many types for you to show up at different events.

With dresses that suit you, it is important to also style them right. Some dressing accessories can add more details to you. It is a headache when you brainstorm on dressing stlyes without ideas. Thus, we have a blog about fashion ideas. It shows you ideas to dress up and some are examples of influences on Instagram worldwide. With this, you save time researching for ideas for trials and errors.

We cover many dresses from relaxed style, loose style, fashion style, casual style, and formal style. Different suppliers will have different cutting. Due to manual measurement, it is always best to refer to the respective size chart on each dress’s product page. The error can be somewhere between 1cm to 3 cm (1 cm = 2.54 inches).

In order to provide shoppers around the world with a great experience, we provide free shipping for all of the dresses purchased at Relaxed Outfit. We allocate the stocks based on the demand worldwide. For example, some dresses are in Singapore, some are in the US, and most of them are in China.

Are you looking for dresses that are not being sold here? Please click the button on the bottom right corner to start chatting with us! Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority so we will source and sell based on your suggestion. Remember to subscribe to us if you like to get frequent styling ideas for dresses but you are not ready to purchase yet.

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