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Typically these articles have a resource box or bio box that indicates the references and contact info of the writer’s business. Therefore, your articles shouldn’t be glossy overviews explaining who the artists are that you are featuring on your website, but should instead be geared towards those readers who are already familiar with them. For example, if you are trying to promote your new website geared towards Americana music fans, you want your articles to be aimed at the people who actually know who the artists are. These articles have the intention of providing info and recreation to online users

People do not expect a masterpiece when they are looking for answers. The big problem with article marketing is that people make it sound harder than it is. Whether you are an amateur or pro, it is possible to write killer articles that will either drive lots of traffic to your site with a very high click through rate or get you lots of back links to your site

Stick to a maximum of 1% or possibly 1. There are several rules that have been developed over the years, both by the directory administrators and by the search engines that publish them online. Check the editorial guidelines for submission. Then it was reduced to around 5%, but now even 3% is too much. Somewhere down the road you will be very glad you made time to do this

Content marketing is the process of generating awareness and traffic through writing and posting content online – content which can include articles. There is demand, readership and it would make sense. I really believe that this Industry Sub-sector needs its own category

Jot down questions you get from customers, too. There are a lot of professional freelancers online who are willing to work with you with some pay. Another shortcut to writing an article is to pose a question in the opening paragraph, then use the remainder of the article to answer it

But, article marketing is not really a piece of cake, you need to know the fundamentals. This is one of the ways you can generate traffic to your website, because you are meeting the needs of search engines and the needs of your human website visitors as well. You should find success as long as you are providing information that answers common questions or solves common problems. Here is a template to help get you started

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