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Offer yours and watch the readers’ fire back comments in response. If it does not your readers will simply not return, end of story! This is especially true if you are blogging to make money since quality content will give you more credibility. You get the idea

Try to include personal experiences which relates to the topic of your blog entry. Create a regular theme such as: “Monday Money Tip” or “Picture of the Week” which entices your readers to look forward to each week. For example, ESPN offers a monthly access fee to their premium content on ESPN Insider

These forms of customer interaction provide an opportunity to exercise self-restraint in the midst of something that may truly be an injustice to you and/or your business. Really, the possibilities are endless when you want to Earn Extra Money on the Internet with Blogging. So let’s cut to the chase as they say, or hang out the baby and see what drips off, or put out the mat and see what it collects from your feet! How can people be serious about these things at so-called serious business meetings? Beats me! Anyhow, lets open the refrigerator and see what’s fresh

Lets first talk about the author. Keep visitors on your website while at the same time encouraging them to be fans or followers. Choosing the correct program isn’t invariably an simple task, but if you take some time to do some research and mull over it, you will come closer to making a decision on the right blogging platform for you. The new way is to keep your hard-earned visitors at your website


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