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What is The Chariot Tarot card meaning? It’s always a great Tarot card to see in any situation. It is an “stay focused and continue to go” clue. In other words, you can thunder on. You’re an athlete in the arena, and you should stop pretending you’re not. One of its older meanings was “speedy progress in lavish environment.” You’re the one making everything happen. The Chariot has connections to Thor, Mars, Freya (the Norse Venus, she has a chariot that is drawn by black cats – hence their association with magic!) and The Sun God Apollo. The Charioteer isn’t advancing at a moment’s notice, he or she is in alignment against the cosmic rays of light, has learned from past defeats and exerting the most intense strength of will, synchronized with intuition. It is associated with the Zodiac sign (and the principles of Cancer/Kataka) which is why you see that it appears as the Crab on the knight’s helmet found in the Thoth deck.  The Chariot card in Tarot isn’t an intuitive card to understand. It could mean an eventual successful, hard-fought victory. The card often pictures the chariot, an armored warrior, sun or moon symbols and the encircled rod of an eagle-like shield white and black sphinxes (or horses or lions) and sometimes in a state of rest. Some decks include an eagle-like canopy and sometimes a throne inside the chariot. If the Chariot card is in a straight position in a Tarot reading, it stands for perseverance, journey and a quick decision as well as adversity and vengeance. The Chariot card meaning in a Tarot interpretation is fusion of the opposites. It signifies a new drive to move a stagnant issue moving. It symbolizes that victory is coming and that you are 100% in charge of seeing it happen. You’ve got this. — The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning – There’s a lot of work To Do. It’s possible to resolve it quickly But the Chariot Is a powerful card, and The Job You Are Undertaking Is Likely To Be A long and difficult one. You May Experience Rough Roads, Long Uphill Slopes And Dead Ends, And Painful Setbacks. Of course, a successful Result Is Only Assured If the Card is in good shape but Don’t Lose Hope: This Hard Road will give you the Motivational Strength, The capability to conquer through organization and perseverance, As Well As The trust only possessed by those who have done what they Thought They Could Not Do. When properly harnessed, only a few forces can stop an individual like that.  Chariot Tarot Card Meanings in the Wild Unknown – A horse is seen from the card with her mane flowing freely in the breeze. She faces us head on and is able to deal with anything such as joy, problems and conflicts – straight. She’s not afraid of the world! She shows up fully and completely for all that life has to offer and trusts her ability to take charge in any situation. The Chariot illustrates how important it is to master your way of presenting you to people around the globe. This card is sometimes associated with self-esteem, and even though the term “ego” is a bit of a bad reputation but the reality is that having an active ego is crucial. A clear understanding of who we are as individuals is crucial for our ability to be authentic, to achieve goals, and to be living our lives in the most appropriate for us. This is an card that is a symbol of freedom that allows you to choose how you will reflect yourself in your daily life. The card is black and white and white, with the exception of those red corner corners. Red here appears bolder than other watered down colors we’ve seen in earlier cards. The use of color here is more dominant. Red is a colour that represents confidence and assurance. Four is a number of stability. Furthermore, the placement of the color in the four corners demonstrates the self-control associated with the Chariot.

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