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All the gurus tell you to build an email list and how profitable an email list can be.

That’s not a lie, but what they don’t like to tell you is many of the commercial Email Service Provides (ESPs) don’t really like you to send promotional emails on their platforms, especially if your niches are IM, MMO, Biz-Op, or MLM.

They hide that information in the mind numbing legalese they call their Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policies.

So if the mullah is in the list, but you can’t send promotions to your audience then you’re stuck in a loop of building a list you can’t send promotions to. So, what’s the point?

I know that sounds crazy but it’s the truth. That’s why most services will grill you about how you acquired your list and many other probing questions about your business before allowing you to have an account. Or they allow you to have an account but then after sending out a few email broadcasts, your account is shut down or limited due to violating their terms.

Also, many ESPs that will allow you to send promotional emails use pool IPs. With pool IPs your account is assigned to a block of IPs shared by a number of other users. If some of the people in that pool are using shady email practices, then everyone else in the pool suffers with poor email delivery.

I’ve experienced all of this firsthand many times over the years. Here’s just some of the hell I’ve been through…

– Aweber not allowing me to import customers after a product launch.
– MailChimp shutting me down for sending a few affiliate offers.
– The same thing happened with Amazon SES, Mandrill, MailJet, MailGun, MailerLite and the list goes on and on.

This inspired me to develop my own bulk email sending solution. At first I kept it to myself and a small group of people I knew personally. Then those people began telling other people about me and before I knew it I had stumbled into a new business model for an under-served community of people desperately searching for a solution.

This is what’s known as a light bulb moment. I started thinking, wouldn’t it be great to share this with others, so they don’t have to suffer through what I and many others have had to go through?

So, I developed a commercial ESP, called SMTP Depot. This is a platform for online businesses that allowed them the freedom to control their own destiny.

Here is what we do that makes our service different from the rest…
– Each account is created manually.
– We use one of your domains along with clean dedicated IPs that are used by you and you only. So you’re not impacted by other user’s email practices allowing you to control your email delivery and IP reputation.
– We don’t give you the third degree about how you acquired your list.
– We allow you to import all of your contacts without restriction.
– We don’t force you to maintain a certain level of metrics like bounces, complaints and engagement, like most of the other services.

And much more…

With our autoresponder and dedicated bulk email servers, bounces and complaints are removed from your lists automatically so you don’t get blacklisted.

Most ESPs charge you an arm and a leg for dedicated IPs if they even offer them. (If you think this is sales BS go check for yourself).

However, I wanted to keep our services affordable. You will find our pricing better with dedicated IPs than what most ESPs charge for their pool IP customers.

Rather than me going on and on,

=> Come see the differences for yourself

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