One of the best known variety of wear resistant performance plastics is Natural Extruded Natural Nylon type 66 materials. This grade of plastic has been one of the chief mechanical plastics for almost 50 years.

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Dupont Black Cast Nylon type 66 materials

Nylon from Dupont is well known for being wear resistant. Nylon is a common material for demanding applications like machined parts that need to be self-lubricating.  If Nylon is a material you would like to know more about simply click here, %LINK%
Long running and smooth performance are typical when using Nylon. Nylon has one of the widest ranges of sizes and shapes, including thick plate, thin sheet. The Black Cast Natural Nylon type 66 materials are produced in a massive size range.

Between the Delrin and Acetal rods, both materials are quite durable and easily machinable, and they have very similar physical properties. They do appear similar, but in practical use there are some differences that can make one better than the other. It also depends on your application. As with all plastic materials, be sure to check the typical properties data sheet for the applicable properties you may need for your application.

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