MRE (Meals Ready-to-eat) in the Times of the Pandemic

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Meals ready-to-eat or more commonly called MRE are going out of stock in recent weeks. Why? Because people are thinking in advance. Smart people like to be prepared, for (you must admit) all kinds of rough times scenarios.

While MRE used to be the topic of soldiers on the field and survival buffs, the situation in the world today has changed everything, and regular people who never gave it a thought before, are actively thinking about preparing for the worst.

Building up an MRE stock is, in my opinion, a very smart move. Recent developments in the U.S. and the whole of 2020 has given us endless arguments to come to the conclusion that truly anything is possible. And we’re in the middle of winter.

Just imagine one of these scenarios:

1- 3 inches of snow have closed the roads of your hometown during the night. You can’t go anywhere even if you managed to clean up your driveway and open your garage door. You’re short on food supplies.

2- Pandemic gets out of hand during the next 2 weeks. Supermarkets and shops get looted (again).

3- Political turmoil causes a state of unrest and police curfew.

If you haven’t prepared rations for a situation like the ones above, you’re in trouble. A big advantage of MRE is that you build a stock once, and you’re set for a long, long time.

Consider all possible scenarios and try to think smart, What’s the harm in being prepared?

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