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I’m going to show you how to watch any movie that is currently in theaters is a new release or is up to three years old completely for free now. The first thing I need you to do is to go to your web browser once it’s loaded up. I want you to go to watch movies, dot, ro I’ll, put the link in the video description and once you get to the website, I want you to examine that top 9 movies are currently in theaters right now, which is the Expendables step up.

You know Dinner for Schmucks all inception movies like that, then, if you want to look for movies, you can go to Jean Ray’s and they have all obviously all these genres. And then you could look for letters that the movies start with or the year it came from: oh eight, oh nine or ten, and then you could just search for it, which is obviously the simplest.

But let’s say I want to watch salt, so I’ll click on that now it will bring a list that shows all the websites that are hosting the video now the website won’t, you look for is megavideo com, it’s the most reliable site and easiest to use, and It’S always has videos in HD and is usually the best and has less cam videos. Now. I also want you to examine this over here stars now. If they don’t have a hundred percent on them, they are probably not quality. Videos like this one has a ninety.

Four percent, if one person reported as bad, it probably is. I know that sounds weird, but you always just have to trust the 100 percent sites. So, since the mega video one is 100 percent, I want you to click full movie right here next to the website and then I’ll say click here to play and it will take you to the website and once you’re at megavideo comm, you just click the red Play button and see: there’s a pop up hate. Those lots of pop ups come up sometimes, but not all the time so just watch out for those and then you click the green play button and the movie should start here. It is right here, salt.

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