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State governments have ordered the temporary closure of small businesses like bars and French restaurants in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. During this difficult time, the hospitality industry continues to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Did you know that there’s something you can do to support your local restaurants without leaving the comfort of your home?

Whether you are leaving cash on a virtual tip jar or buying gift cards, to calling senators even, listed below are 12 things you can do to help the industry.

Order Takeout

Even if you can’t eat at your favorite French restaurant, you can still enjoy French cuisine by ordering takeout. Many businesses offer no contact delivery nowadays in an effort to continue the business while keeping their staff and customers safe.

Order French Restaurant-Made Meal Kits

Lots of restaurants nowadays offer daily and weekly special order kits for delivery and pickup. Such meal kits are not your typical containers for takeout. They are well-prepared food packs that can feed your entire family.

Buying Gift Cards

Buy gift cards is also an option. Buy one now and dine later is a good way of supporting the business now. If you buy a gift card, the funds will be deposited to the restaurant right away. You can stock up on these gift cards and save them for special occasions.

Buy Some Merchandise

Support coffee shops, bakeries, French restaurants, breweries, and other small businesses by buying their products. But don’t settle on edible merchandise. You should continue to support them by buying their other merch like tote bags and t-shirts.

Add Edible Merch, Too

Some restaurants sell hoodies and hats while others offer fresh jam, hot chocolate blends, and other edible products. Support small businesses by buying edible merchandise.

Ask If You Can Help

Every restaurant or business has their own problem to deal with. Don’t hesitate to ask your local wine store, coffee shop, or even a nearby bakery about how they’re addressing all the changes and what you can do to help.

Give What You Can

Many restaurants in Myrtle Beach launch campaigns to help pay their staff. But you can also give what you can to different campaigns, charity, and other go fund me accounts that aim to help the industry survive this trying time.

Leave Positive Reviews

Writing positive reviews for French restaurants and other small businesses in your area is a good way of supporting them. Leave positive reviews on sites like Yelp and Google. It won’t just give them something to be happy about but also leave a long term effect on the business.

Donate To Virtual Tip Jar

Most of the hospitality workers depend on tips to help them make ends meet. But they won’t have this extra cash if the restaurants and bars are closed. One thing you can do to help out of work or laid off employees is to donate on your city’s virtual tip jar. If your city doesn’t have one, then you should consider setting up one in your area.

Do Your Civic Duty

Reach out to your local officials on both federal and state levels. Whatever your concern is, you have the power to let your officials know.

Like, Share, Post, and Repost

At all levels of the hospitality sector, from servers to chefs, bartenders to restaurateurs, people are supporting each other and demanding help from the local, state, as well as federal leaders. Whether you work for this industry or just loves restaurants, you can be an ally in today’s fight against the coronavirus. Like, share, and post on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. It will only take minimal effort but it can make a huge impact.

Don’t Forget To Check In

If you have loved ones or friends who are working in the hospitality industry, don’t forget to check on them. Working in bars and French restaurants Myrtle Beach isn’t easy especially these days.

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