Compare and contrast Acetal Copolymer and Dupont Delrin in Round rods or sheets and plate

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Homopolymer Acetal or Delrin is the best plastic for turning on a machine lathe. It’s simple to turn, however it does require slower speeds. I have used this material to make Scottish small pipes chanters. I have purchased countless items from Industrial Plastic. Smaller pieces usually ship quickly and everything was well packed. I have never had a problem with an order.
Between the Delrin and POM-C rods, both materials are exceptionally tough and easily machinable, as they have similar physical properties. They look similar, but in practical use there are a few differences that can make one better than the other. It also depends on your application. As with any plastic materials, be sure to check the typical properties data sheet for the appropriate properties you may need for your application.
Our Acetal Sheet is probably our primary material for machining,as it gives an nice finish both on manual and CNC Machines. Its got a pretty low moisture absorption making it the preferred grade for food contact and where the dimensional stability is critical. Acetal Sheet has an ideal combination of high mechanical strength, hardness and strength, giving it excellent sliding properties, electrical insulation, and wear resistance.
Acetal Sheet has many uses and is certainly of value in the food preparation industry. Because of its low moisture absorption it gained Food & Drug Administration approval and its superb sliding abilities which aid with very low friction and hard wearing food safe components.
Acetal Sheet is one of the plastics chosen within the automotive industry because of its long term dimensional stability and durability. It offers solutions for designers to help them produce long lasting and very durable components. Another popular area for Acetal Sheet is in marine applications. This environment suits acetal quite because the low moisture absorption will result in components that will not expand or alter dimensions due to contact with water.

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